Google Cloud - Compute Engine - Instance Scheduling PoC


This is my proof of concept for managing the scheduling of GCP instances. This is a demo flow that simply turns an instance on if it's off, and turns it off if its on. If it's in a pending stage it waits and checks again.

I've worked on projects at large enterprises (banks, retail chains) where we've built custom scheduling solutions from the ground up (dev, task queues, distributed processing). So really impressed that I can quickly connect a few things together and have a working concept in a fraction of the time it took us.

As a learning exercise I decided to also create my own node that handles various operations of GCE Instances. It's configurable from the UI otherwise it can read in from msg.payload as shown in the below screenshot.

  • Get
  • List
  • Stop
  • Start
  • Reset
  • Delete

It's still fairly basic, but hopefully I can contribute it to the GCP community on GitHub for Node Red as they seem to lack any GCE nodes.

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I'd just like to say it's a great first post but could you please just paste your images directly into the response instead of putting them on imgur?

Thanks for sharing.

Fixed! Didn't see the upload icon.

You can literally copy and paste from your clipboard a snapshot image or a file. No need to upload.

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