Google integration

Hi all,

Simple one this,

I have tried to get google smart home working without much luck.

I got Alexa and Apple home working and it was easy

is there another one easier to setup or is smart home the easiest?

Also I just want to add that you guys in this forum are awesome.. so much support and help.. its refreshing to have a community were you dont get told to "RTFM" :slight_smile:

You can do it via IFTTT, which works for me.

There is also NORA and a direct google smarthome integration node that appears to use google directly but I have yet to try either of these yet.

You haven't said actually what you intend to achieve, but I've found node-red-contrib-googlehome to be the easiest to set up, and is actively maintained.
I'm aware that a new feature may be added shortly by the author, to allow bespoke IoT sensors to be integrated, which will enable more widespread use.

Hi Paul,

I want to be able to control devices specially ESP devices running tasmota in node red.

Im not sure googlehome is going to achieve that for me?

Got some where with NORA.. thanks for the advice!

I'm not sure if Nora is still maintained... There are 47 outstanding open issues on GitHub.
But hey, your choice.

I'm also controlling ESP & Shelly devices, and works fine.

The original developer is in the process of migrating it to a new host to meet the demand that is overwhelming the current servers. Then there are a small group of us who are going to try to help him move it forward.


That is good to hear Ron, I look forward to trying NORA again once it's settled into it's new server.

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