How to send text command from N-R to Google Home, assistant?

You can relatively easily send emails and SMS in Node-Red. Trying to find a GateWay solution based on sending text to GoogleHome, Assistant. My problem is that I have several good devices, lights, sockets, relays that are not supported in Node Red but are supported in Google home. You can easily send a text message to Google home from your mobile that has a command. I'm bad at programming. Is there a plugin or solution for the desired function?
You can always put a speaker in front of the GHA and have the text command read out, but that's not a pretty solution.

I use node-red-contrib-googlehome but there are others ( node-red-contrib-google-smarthome for example). Both of these allow Node-RED to send messages to Google Home, and receive messages back. (letting Node-RED know the state of your devices which are not supported by Node-RED)

Thanks :slight_smile: Where can I find a good tutorial to get started?

Read the respective contrib node's readme??


node-red-contrib-googlehome (node) - Node-RED (
node-red-contrib-google-smarthome (node) - Node-RED (

The Googlehome node I already use and it works fine with my Arduino items I made my self.
it's the items I bought like TP-link sockets and other brands I hav problem to reach from Node Red. I have them in the Goggle Home app and can handle them with voice or in the App.
I try to get this SSL certificate but don't understand anything silly me :slight_smile: . I have really tried to understand how to get on but I can't handle it. I need a better step by step instruction.
I have everything on a standalone Linux server with wan IP and use Mqtt. All my own made items, Iot works nice from NR but not bought Iot.
Sorry for my bad skills.

To, hopefully, make things a bit easier try node-red-contrib-tplink (node) - Node-RED ( for your TP-link sockets to get you started, because after having another look at my flows I only use the googlehome node for devices that already talk to Node_RED.

The node-red-contrib-google-smarthome or node-red-contrib-alexa-smart-home are the only ones that look as though they would meet your requirements by creating virtual devices (Note the node-red-contrib-alexa-smart-home node supports BOTH Alexa & Google)

And also SmartNora ( might be useful. It is easier to set up than node-red-contrib-google-smarthome. But it is a paid service, if you use more that 5 devices.
See: node-red-contrib-smartnora (node) - Node-RED

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