Trigger google home commands

Is there a way to execute google home commands with node red or send maybe voice commands like: "Turn on lights"?

The reason why I would like to have such a feature is to control devices which are connected to my google home, but don't have an official API to control them directly (e.g. my vacuum roboter)

I use node-red-contrib-googlehome which is easy to set up and control/monitor devices using node-RED.


However you are limited to the list of devices that google currently expose, so you are not likely to find one that will specifically control a vacuum roboter, you may need to improvise and use the traits of a different device type.

Device Types:

  • Light
  • Switch
  • Outlet
  • Blind
  • Door
  • Thermostat
  • Fan
  • Heater
  • Pureifier
  • Scene
  • Camera


  • OnOff
  • Brightness
  • ColorSetting
  • FanSpeed
  • TemperatureSetting
  • OpenClose
  • CameraStream

If I get get it right, you can add with this solution your own "devices" to google home and control them with node red, but this are just virtual devices and there is no connection between this virtual devices and phisical devices expect you build them in node red, right?

In my case the vacuum roboter is a physical device already in google home which I would like to control.

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