Google-Wifi network reboot from Node Red

Good day everyone,

I have a Raspberry Pi in the living room with a display, 1 in the hall way and a S7 PLC in the garage.
They all communicate nicely.
But ones in a while, the living room display freezes or can't connect to the PLC.
At first I thought the issue was in the living room Raspberry Pi and or it's node red / dashboard.
But a reboot didn't make any difference, it still couldn't communicate with the PLC.

I have 2 google wifi onhubs.
One in the living room and one in the garage.
When I reboot the network in the google wifi app, everything is fine again, for a day or 2.

Does anyone know how to remotely restart the network of google wifi onhub from node red?
The plan is to reboot the network at every night to prevent another crash.

if the wifi is still working. How about a wifi switch? There are several type supported via contrib nodes. (see

I was kinda hoping i could do it with the hardware i got.
On techcrunch they describe a way to reboot a google homehub.

curl -Lv -H Content-Type:application/json --data-raw '{"params":"now"}' http://hubIP:8008/setup/reboot

I tried the same command on the google wifi, but no joy.