GPIO not available via NODE-RED

Hello together,

i saw all topics which are similar to mine, but still have the problem that my GPIO In/Out Nodes in NODE-RED doesnt work anymore.

I dont know why. Wheter i have wrong config or else. I can see the gpio status via command "gpio readall".
I can see the version via "gpio -v".
I have installed latest python version.

But i have no ability anymore to find the solution by myself. So please, do you have recommandations?


Please stop/start Node-red and copy the startup log and paste it to a reply.


I'm quite new to NR and need some help. I have NR installed as an add-on in home assistant on a raspberry pi4 and I have the same problem. I get the not available status - please see below screenshot.
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks


HA run Node-RED in a docker container. So it won’t by default have access to GPIO. I don’t know HA or if they have a way to enable it. Maybe their forum can help ?

Ok - thanks, I'll try on HA forum hopefully someone may be able to help there

Unless there is a good reason that you are using HA then consider just using node-red. Most of those here do everything with node-red.

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