Node red inside Home assistant with Raspberry pi 3 sees GPIO pins as Not available or NA

I have installed Home assistant in my Raspberry pi 3 and have add on Node red.

then in the Manage pallet installed "node-red-node-pi-gpio"

but after that if i use Gpio Out or In, i always see them as "Not applicable" or "NA"

no matter which tutorial i follow from youtube, for them its shows as OK or 0 or 1 but for me it always shows as NA

GPIO pins dont work for me

but i tried installing pure Raspian and wrote a small python script which successfully invokes the GPIO and eventually triggers the relay board switch.

but in Node red none of the GPIO pins work

Home Assistant installs Node-RED inside a container so it doesn't have full access to the host hardware. You may need to consult the HA forum folk to see if they offer a way to enable access. The other way is to install Node-RED direct on the Pi without using HA.

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