NR in Home Assistant on a RPi4 controlling GPIO's?


New to NR here.
Well new to all this I guess.

I have a RPi4 installed with Home Assistant and NR add-on trying to control RPi GPIO's.
I have seen videos of NR on Pi's and can see there are a node collection specific to Pi's when running NR directly om Pi's without Home Assistant.
Neat I think.

But . . the NR running with my Home Assistant doesn't have the Pi node collection.

Does anyone know if it is possible and how to do that?
I'm new so need it explained for dummies :wink:

It can definitely be done outside of docker so I would suggest getting rid of the HA Node-RED plugin and install node-red directly on the pi (there is an official installer script to make this easy). You can even install the HA Node-RED nodes for communication with HA.

If you want to stick with the container based plugin, you may have more luck asking on the HA forum.

Okay, thank you Steve.
I'll try to install NR directly on the pi and se how it goes.

My GPIO nodes don't work in HA either. Unfortunately I don't have any experience in HA either. So I installed HA on an RPi4 and investigated the cause. HA uses Alpine Linux as the OS. Access to the GPIO system libraries is prevented due to a lack of access rights. I also asked about this in the HA forum. If I find a solution, I will share it here.

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