GPIO-States and Values in Excel-Dashboard in different Network


as I can´t find an answer, i hope to get some help here.

I´m using Node-RED to switch some GPIOs of an EPS32 and to visualize some values (temperature, humidity) in the Node-RED-Dashboard. Works well.

Now I have to visualize theese things in an Excel-Dashboard, which runs in a private network. So the states und values must be taken from Node-RED via http, I think, and be put in Excel.

Can anyone give me some help?


Welcome to the forum @MichaelLE

Initially do not worry about node red. Initially you need to work out the details of how to show a value in that dashboard. If it is possible using some http interface then you need to know the details. Once you know that then we can help implement it in node red.

Thank You for the answer.

The Dashboard in the other network is administrated by myself. It uses a lot VBA for Excel to show values of many different systems. Also from this dashboard some functions of systems can be controlled.

So I think, there a lot of possibilities.

I thougt about a something like the "http response" as it is shown in the example with the "Hello-json".

At the moment it would be the easiest way to send http-request and get back a value (like 0 or 1 for off or on).

Can you use MQTT in the dashboard system? If so then that is probably the easiest.

Otherwise, yes you can certainly provide http endpoints in node red and request the data via http. MQTT would be easier if you can use it.

MQTT is not possible :frowning:

Can you give some help for the http endpoints?

Thank You

There are examples in the node-red cookbook HTTP recipes : Node-RED

it works :slight_smile:
Thank You!

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