GPS Odometer / Python code

Hello everyone, I've been trying to build a GPS Odometer for a few days now, with no success. I'm trying to interface the GPS output with Python code, but I don't have the knowledge. Could someone give me some advice or help? Thanks.

(google translator...:o)

Are you doing this with Node-RED?
If so what have you tried?
Where are you having a problem?
Show us your flow?

If your not using Node-RED you’ll need to ask for help somewhere else :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

GPS runs in Node-Red. My problem is that I can't connect the Funktion node (with javascript) and the NMEA output. (USB GPS on Raspberry). I found something on the net (the right side with scripts), but I need to "feed" them with the output from the GPS.
And thanks for the response.

gps_odometer_flows (1).json (19.8 KB)

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