Gpsd node not updating if the gpsd instance is offline when NR starts

I had to put my GPS on a secondary Pi in the boat because the one running Node-RED had too many serial and USB stuff connected to it, and that confused GPSd. But now, if I reboot the Pi with GPSd, the node won't work until after what I assume is considered a restart of NR (either by restarting with systemctl or by moving a node and deploying). Is there a way to fix this? It doesn't seem like the author of the node is active anymore, the last four issues on GitHub are a few years old and not answered.

Probably. A fork, fix, PR will certainly do it. Are you familiar with forking a repository and nodejs development?

Thanks for answering! Not at all in my league, I'm afraid. :flushed: I can do Lua and a bit of Python, and very slight JSON, but that's where it stops.

Is there a way to reload only one node from either a node or a command?

I had to put my GPS on a secondary Pi in the boat because the one running Node-RED had too many serial and USB stuff connected to it

What devices do you have attached to the Pi?

Three serial devices (NMEA 2000, NMEA 0183, direct connecition to an ESP-32), all on USB. And a few other things on USB (disk, the USB card reader the system runs on and probably something I have forgotten). And I tried everything back when I set up this version of the system in May, but the GPS wasn't 100 % reliable on restarts, the NMEA0183 feed from the plotter was sometimes read as the GPS by GPSd, probably because that uses the same protocol as the GPS.

I like it that way too. I take out the main Pi every now and then to do something, but never the secondary Pi. Also the main Pi uses so much power with all it's stuff that when there are storms and I have to moor in the storm haven I'm using, where there is no charging, I have to turn that and most of the other stuff off. But not the secondary Pi, that's not using much. So I'm planning to put a SIM modem on it and use that as a tracking device for the boat if it should ever be lost or stolen from the storm haven. Then I can log in and get the position.

I don't have any experience of marine IT systems but I think the idea of a mobile router sounds excellent, as long as it's wireless LAN works even if there is no mobile signal (for the Straits of Magellan or transatlantic voyages).

Add one or two Raspberry Pi zero 2s to attach various devices to and make use of the WiFi.

Well, I don't go that far, really. I fish up to ten miles from shore. So I'm never anywhere without a cell signal. And the ESP-32 use less power than a Zero, I just have many relays and sensors, so all in all they use a bit.

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