Grab to pan UI?

I imagine this has been asked before, as I can't be the only one that wants this, but is there any plan to add a "grab screen to pan" functionality to the flow UI?
Could be tied to a hotkey (e.g. "ctrl+click and drag to pan") or simply right-click, hold and drag. I think it might already be tied to scroll-wheel click, but this fights with "wheel click and drag to scroll".

CTRL and SHIFT modifier keys are already taken as is right click. The browser mouse wheel button 3 scrolling is a terrible user experience. Probably the browser is the culprit here.

SHIFT and mouse wheel scrolls horizontally.

I do like the right click and hold in irfanview or miro for panning around

We're in agreement on the Middle-click-Drag to scroll being bad. But maybe the ctrl-drag or shift-drag need functionalities need to be reevaluated... they don't even copy/paste or direction-lock nodes.

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