Right click to navigate and Ctrl + Mouse-scroll to change zoom

To simplify navigation across large flows I would like the possibility to move the board around rather than having to use the scroll bars. For example right-click, hold and drag

Also it would be a good feature to have som kind of built-in zoom-in and zoom-out feature. For exampel Ctrl + Mouse-scroll UP for zoom+ and Ctrl + Mouse-scroll DOWN for zoom-.

My suggestions above are the controls defined by Lucidchart a web-based schematic drawing program I use alot in my work.

Hold middle mouse button & drag.
scroll with mouse for vertical & shift + mouse scroll for horizontal

alt+scroll or ctrl-+ / ctrl--

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Probably you know that CTRL and arrow keys move the board around. CTRL + and - zoom in/out.

Edit - Especially since Steve just said so! :grinning:

even quicker if you use shift and keyboard arrows.

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And FWIW, on my touchscreen, one finger moves the board, pinch zooms.

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