CTRL Scroll Zoom within the UI

Morning Devs.
Any chance there is an item on the roadmap to change the way the UI Zooms in and out?
When I hit CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel the entire application zooms in and out (This also affects other sites hosted on the same basic URL in Chrome).
I use a number of other web based applications where CTRL scroll will only zoom the interface work space leaving the UI furniture at the browser scale level.

I know this is not the most exciting update, but would be great to standardise CTRL zoom to many other web applications. As a bonus, would be great if the zoom focus point followed the mouse (Like it does in Google Maps)
Many thanks.

Hold ALT while scrolling.

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Although any chance the zoom point can follow the pointer position?

Bloomin heck! How long have we been able to do that! :slight_smile:

Also, is there a way of resetting to 100%?

[edit drat - it doesn't work over VNC into my Pi :frowning:
But the buttons do - I didn't realise they just zoomed the editing area :slight_smile: ]

Either Ctrl-0 or click the O icon in between the zoom in/out buttons:


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Well potentially something could be done - but it's non-trivial. Also when you zoom out the top left of the canvas has to stay where it is so effectively the mouse (in 95% of cases) would effectively move down and right (as the view shrinks towards top left) - so then zooming back in (when you accidentally went too far) would zoom back in over that new point which is not what you want either.

If anyone wants to play and offer up a potential solution the zoomView function in view.js is the place to look.

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