Grafana 9.1: Easier embedding

Hi all, I know a lot of people use Grafana and want to embed charts into Dashboard, etc.

So I thought it worth highlighting that v9.1 includes this:

JWT URL embedding

You can now easily embed Grafana in other applications by adding a JWT token directly in the Grafana’s URL, for example,<jwt_token>. When the JWT token is passed through the request URL to Grafana, Grafana validates and authenticates the token linked to a specific user, allowing access to dashboards which that user can view. To see JWT URL embedding in action, see the sample project.

What's new in Grafana v9.1 | Grafana documentation

Just bear in mind that embedding a JWT in a URL is not secure and you shouldn't do that over the Internet. At least not without checking if Grafana is doing additional security checks that prevent token hijack attacks.


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