Grouping subflows - renaming category

I have 5 subflows, i want to group them in various categories , say. 2 in one group and other 3 in another group, i noticed that we can use categorize option, is there a way to rename the created category ?

Hi @mvidhya86

you cannot rename the category directly, but you can move the subflows to the category with the name you do want and Node-RED will forget about the old category when you deploy and reload the editor.

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Thanks, and how do i remove an already created category - i currently don't see any direct option...

That is exactly what I answered. If the category has no nodes in it, the editor will forget about it when you next reload. There is no option to remove an empty category directly.

Yes, i use this option and it works. Do i have an option to order it in the way i need? for e.g. i created a category with 2 sub flows - i want this to appear first in the palette ...

You can edit the category list order in your settings.js file... any with nothing in will not show so you can add some in anticipation they will exist at a later date.

thanks, i noticed some issues if i name the category in capital letters, nevertheless i renamed to have all lower cases and it works. is there a way to provide unique color for the sub flows which belong to a specific category ?

Not currently - no. You can set the name and Icon. So the colour is the only thing left for a means for people to quickly understand what it is they are looking at when "reading" a flow. IE work out what is a subflow (in this example).

If and when eventually the nodegen project support converting subflows into installable nodes - then you would be able to set the colour - as you can for any other fully custom node.