Grove Base Hat not working

I have a GroveBaseHat on a Raspberry Pi 3 with different Sensors from Seeed. I want to make some Nodes with Node-Red. But if I deploy my Node with i.e. one LED an a inject of "0" or "1" the Node-Red turn back a mistake like this:

8 Mar 13:41:25 - [info] Flows starten
8 Mar 13:41:25 - [info] Flows gestartet
8 Mar 13:41:47 - [info] Flows stoppen
8 Mar 13:41:47 - [info] Flows gestoppt
8 Mar 13:41:47 - [info] Flows starten
8 Mar 13:41:47 - [info] Flows gestartet
{ Error: Command failed: python -u /home/pi/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-grove-base-hat/grove-led/ 5 1
at ChildProcess.exithandler (child_process.js:273:12)
at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:180:13)
at maybeClose (internal/child_process.js:936:16)
at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (internal/child_process.js:220:5)
killed: false,
code: 2,
signal: null,
cmd: 'python -u /home/pi/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-grove-base-hat/grove-led/ 5 1' }
What can i do.....???

Sorry for my bad english......

Greets Steven

@StevenRott You might want to report this to the author

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