Gstreamer stream capture

I am running node-red on a Jetson Nano. I am using gstreamer to grab video from a USB connected camera. (I need to use Gstreamer and not ffmpeg because I am splitting the video source into two pipes and the other program that uses the video requires Gstreamer).

I want to be able to eventually programmatically capture about 15 seconds of the video based on certain triggers.

My first step was trying to display the video in node-red. I have done quite a bit of research but cannot find the way to do either the display or the capture.

What I have tried so far is to put the gstreamer output into a tcp stream and receive that in node-red. I can see the stream data coming into the tcp IN node. But am unable to get past that. I can choose either mjpg or YUY2 formats from the camera. OR if need be, use Gstreamer to convert the stream to whatever I need for use in node-red.

Check out this project. It should be possible to handle your video stream from Gstreamer and display your camera on NR Dashboard

Not saying you have to use all of HSS features but the source code is there, it demonstrates a lot of "how to" in using Node-RED for this type of use case

Thanks. I will take a look and report back. :slight_smile:

In general, if the gstreamer delivers a http stream it is pretty easy to put some code in a ui template to present your camera on the dashboard. I think there are many posts around here about that. The problem is to find it, this board is not really organized to make such things easy, it's more like a big bucket, it is in there, somewhere. Maybe try searching with more specific keywords can help

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