HA with Rqlite/Dqlite and Node-RED?

Hi all

I've buillt a small rqlite cluster (3 nodes) and I would like to use the sqlite node to connect to it.

Since this database is a distant one (I.e. not running in the same server where node-red runs) and provides HA, how can I fill in the "Database name" field of the sqlite node in node-RED?


Something like this, ipaddress, path and filename.

I'd be interested in this - is there any more info ? Like which server (rqlite or dqlite) are you actually using ? I thought you had to use http to access rqlite ?

Ho wow thanks! I didn't know it would be that simple.

Are you using rqlite or dqlite with node-red ?

Small up :slight_smile: is it better to use a MySQL high availability cluster with my-SQL node instead?

Or... can we use rqlite with http node instead ?

@dceejay if you are interested,

I created flows to use RQLite with Node-RED, with HTTP nodes + HTTP 301 redirect support.

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