Not possible to use sqlite3 locally with node-red-node-sqlite anymore?

Do I really have to use to use node-red-node-sqlite? I've found a lot of tutorials and it seems like everyone is using a local instance of sqlite3, but I just can't add a local database. It asks me for API URL and API KEY instead. Description in node-red also says I need an account. Is the local version deprecated?

Thnx for your help.

Hi @moarli, welcome to the forum.

The node provided by node-red-node-sqlite is designed to work with local sqlite database files - it doesn't do anything with a cloud service. So I'm not sure what is asking you for an API URL and KEY, but it certainly isn't the node from node-red-node-sqlite.

Thnx for the quick reply @knolleary. Here are some screenshots. 1. I got this when I configure the node

2. And this if I try to add a new db

That is not node-red-node-sqlite.

If you open up the palette manager, can you check exactly which sqlite node you have installed?


I just achieved to use the local db with a dirty hack: I edited the flow.json from the node-red folder after importing a flow from a community member and changed the db name from the config node.

Have you had another sqlite node installed? If so have you uninstalled it and have you restarted node-red after you removed it?

OMG. You are right @Colin. I had node-red-contrib-sqlitedb installed. But I've removed and restarted node red after that. How do I get rid of that now completely?

Go to your .node-red folder and run
npm list node-red-contrib-sqlitedb
npm list -g node-red-contrib-sqlitedb

OK. That's embarrassing: @Colin npm list showed "empty" twice. But a reboot did the job :man_facepalming: thnx for your effort!

Well that is very odd, I have no idea why a reboot would fix it when a node red restart didn't.

I wonder whether it could have been a browser caching issue, not sure exactly how though.

Anyway, thnx @Colin @knolleary

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