Install new node

i use node red local on my pc.
i want to install new palette but i get just failure.
i tried it in the browser , in cmd and in cmd in node_modules .

all time i get this:

You need the CMD prompt set for your node-red folder (not windows\system32)

When you start node-red, the terminal output tells you where that is.

sry, did same before. but same problem. i got now the newest version. but same failure

you are in the wrong folder again.

.. may i also add that this node-red-contrib-sql hasnt been updated for more than 5 years.

To what database are you trying to connect ?
maybe there's a more recent node to use

i try to connect to SQL
thats why i want to use this, cause SQL is no same like MySQL oder SQLite

I think you need to revert back to node V14 or node v12 for sqlite to work.

Also, you would be better off using node-red-node-sqlite - npm as that is maintained.

PS please post logs and terminal output as text in a code block (pictures are not searchable and hard to read)

but i need that for my company and we work with SQL not with SQLite

that node you are trying to install installs drivers for sqlite!!!
and it is failing due to you having node v15 installed!!!

There is no such thing as "SQL". There is mySql, SQL Server, PostGres, etc, etc,

Which type database are you trying to access?

SQL Server.
i just updated from 14.10.XX to 15. X.X cause i though it not works because of old version

the recommended node for SQL Server is node-red-contrib-mssql-plus (node) - Node-RED

↑ that works with node V12 and node v14 (untested with node v15)


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