Missing node type sqlitedb


I have installed in my Raspberry pi 4 node-red-node-sqlite from within Node-Red palette manager and I have the following error:

When I check the palette, it shows:

How can I solve it? Please advise.

Thanks a lot, Dan

I had a similar issue with a message saying... "sqlite is missing a file".

I sorted it by running this command on the command line.

npm rebuild sqlite3

It takes quite a while to recompile everything, so be patient.

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@dcaccount you have to do that from the .node-red folder in case you did not know.

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I have done it but now the palette is showing:

Is that correct? Please advise, thanks

Does it work?
Having rebuilt you will have to restart node-red and refresh the browser page.

Same problem here.
I followed the instructions on the node page to get it working again, see chapter Install

Yes, the problem is solved but as above shown, I only find the node sqlite and not the node sqlitedb.

All the rest seems OK.

Any idea?

Ps, I have restarted Node-Red

The sqlitedb node is the database config node that you setup when you configure an sqlite node.

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So is it all OK?

Yes, you can't manually select an sqlitedb node, as I said, it is setup automatically when you configure it inside the sqlite node. This is the sqlite node


This is the sqlitedb config node, note it says that on the top line


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