Happy happy joy joy or RTFM!

Huge FacePalm moment today when my flow of 263 nodes was finally working as required and i took 5 for a browse about, ending up looking at uninstalled nodes within the palette manager ..

And what did i find .. a contrib project that encapsulated my flow of 263 nodes into a single bl**dy node ready for deployment, Allowing me to replicate the work of the last god knows how many months ( odd evenings..) in an hour or so using less than a dozen nodes in total!! (and i can already see a way to loosing 4 x more..

I am lurving the result But my face is so red n sore from the massive palm landing, im sure my jaw almost unhinged itself too as it dropped groundward.

Tomorrow i will get back to working on my wheel...

dumb dumb dumb dumb..

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But think of how much you must have learnt by building it yourself :slight_smile:

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Exactly what I was going to say :slight_smile:

But yes, a little googling (or your fav. search engine) can go a looong way.

Most of us I guess (certainly I have) have been through many iterations of flows as we've built up knowledge and improved workflows.

That's how you get good. Lessons from a book often stick, but painful ones really stick; both due to personal frustration and insights encountered along the journey.

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All true, and i am further down the node red path than i was when i started..

And All my work so far has been proof of concept (to me) and learning the wrong way by trying it..

But the thing is i had been on the raspberry pi list that day! 'chatting' with a chap trying to do a similar thing with wired sensors, and i may have been a tad boasty about my node red solution.. which resulted in a diet of humble pie.. hrmmph!!
at least i had the opportunity to reveal the better solution discovering it before my pi-pal could..

Haha, we've all been there, that's for sure.

There is no doubt that NR makes an excellent prototyping tool. For all I like it and support it however, it isn't always the "final" answer.

As with any high-level tool, it carries an amount of baggage and restrictions. It is easy to forget that, especially when so many of us are using it primarily for non-professional uses.

We can sometimes get carried away with our enthusiasm and forget that there may be better ways of doing things.