HASSIO to multiple instances of NodeRed?

I've got HASSIO installed on a Pi 3+ with the NodeRed integration running.
NodeRed frequently disconnects with an NGinx warning.

Thinking that it's all a bit too much for the Pi3+ (I've a lot of devices and integrations in HASSIO, the CPU is often at 100% and the memory usage hovers at about 90%)
I've got an instance of NodeRed running on a spare Pi4 but can't get it to talk to the Pi 3+.

The idea was to take NodeRed of the HASSIO device to reduce the workload for the Pi3.

Is there a restriction in HASSIO that will only allow it to talk to one instance of NodeRed at a time?
If so, should I remove NodeRed from HASSIO before attempting to sign up the Pi4 instance?


hopefully someone familiar with Hassio will be here - but it may be easier to ask over in a Hassio forum.

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Will do, thanks