Heatmiser Neo Support

node-red-contrib-heatmiser has support only for wifi. node_modules already has neo.js so would it be possible to add neo support to node-red-contrib-heatmiser. More than happy to do any testing required.

I'm a bit of a nodejs novice but as a Java programmer happy to help out with the development side if useful.

Many thanks in advance

The node you mention is a contributed node (the contrib bit in the name)

This means it has been written by a member of the community, as there are now thousands of contrib nodes not all authors read the forum. You would be better if opening an issue on the nodes github page, there should be a link from the nodes page on flows.nodered.org

Thanks, I'll do that. I was going to post a feature request there but the prompt states:

If your issue is:

  • a general 'how-to' type question,
  • a feature request or suggestion for a change,
  • or problems with 3rd party (node-red-contrib-) nodes

please use the Node-RED Forum

I was going to make the same comment as @ukmoose but was surprised to discover this is a one in our node-red-nodes repo - despite the contrib package name. Can't remember the history of how we ended up with it.

Moving the discussion to the issue - https://github.com/node-red/node-red-nodes/issues/522

Back in the ancient times

"in the beginning there were nodes, and they moved about the surface of the flow, and Nick saw that they were good, and said, 'let them be installable by npm'... " or something like that.

Prior to npm installation we had to collect all the nodes in one project (the node-red-nodes). Once they were separately installable we asked all the owners of them to take them back - and most of them did. I can't recall why this one wasn't - either the author never replied or maybe just said "meh", and we didn't want to own it either, so it stayed as a contrib node, and it just sat there.

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