What am I supposed to do to contact someone who wrote a node?

Going to the library page and opening the github I can't see a place to submit a bug, or request a feature.

This is the node:

I am sure I've spoken to the person, but can't find how/where.

Go back to the page on the node red flows site and there is a link to the author there, under where it says Authors.

Sorry. Don't know why/how I missed that. In the past I got in tough with them via github.

(And you did mean: Maintainer as opposed to author)

Well, that link didn't work. :confused:

No, directly under "Authors". @DaveMDS on

Following the link to the node's GitHub page, I can see it has an issue list: https://github.com/davemds/node-red-contrib-tasmota/issues


That is weird.

I went to the site and I'm not going to waste time showing the screen shot - but author wasn't on the page.

You link - however - does have it.

Thanks. I don't get why that is.

Again, I dont see that.

On my github page there is no issues link.

Ah, here is the github page screen shot.

No issues.

Following your link now.

For the sake of clarity:
This is the link at which I am looking.

which is only slightly different to this:


Ok. Something is going on.

I see that that is the same link (the one you posted) to the one I originally posted.
But that is strange as I coppied the name from the palette manager and I was looking at the node I mean.

There seems to be some confusion with the links.

Sincere apologies for messing people around with that.

But I am still stumped how to get in touch with the guy on the newer (updated) node.

I looked at the node you said you were using....

Looking at the actual node you want, then yes, it appears they have turned off issues on the repo.

If you run npm owner ls node-red-contrib-sonoff-tasmota-enhanced then it will list who owns the npm module and may include their email.

I am really hoping I am not that stupid that I copied the wrong name (or didn't complete the copying of the name) when I posted it.

Thanks for the information.

Shall do.

You are the wrong way round, tasmota is a fork of sonoff-tasmota.

I meant it in terms of the which link to which I was referring.

I really REALLY need to get a new brain.

It is getting worse these days.

I would be interested to know whether you think those nodes have any advantage over just getting the data directly from MQTT (which is what I currently do).

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Do let us know your conclusions.

(sorry - multi-tasking 200% just now)

I too have the MQTT nodes and all that stuff. It is nice.

The node doesn't really achieve much other than: rather than making a subflow to make all the fancy stuff, I'd use his node.

I am just wanting an extra output that shows the state of the device. On/Off-line, if you will.

So, if the device is off-line it sends a message that I can use to disable the buttons.
Then, when it is online, it enables the buttons.

Sure it can be done with discreet nodes but as I said, this is doing it in one node, and rather than a subflow.

Isn't that just the LWT messages?

Yes. And the Birth Certificate.

As I said, I am just curious. I seem to be too curious these days.

Hi everyone, I am sorry to disturb as I am not sure to be at the right place but I'm a bit lost in the forum... I have read a very interesting topic that is now closed but I still have a question to ask to a contributor @SuperNinja but I don't know how to contact him. I have read the terms of use and FAQ but I still don't understand how to communicate with others in the forum.
Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Sud,

this is probably a better topic to start in the #meta:help category rather than add to an old thread that is related to nodes.

Rather than contact that user directly you could start a new topic, mentioning them as you have, and include a link to the closed topic.

That way anyone else might be able to help with your question and you aren't reliant on that one user.

Otherwise, the forum does allow you to send direct messages to users - click on their username and you should see a button to send them a message (although that option may not be available to new users of the forum).