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I’m the developer of node-red-contrib-KNX-Ultimate, node-red-contrib-TTS-Ultimate, node-red-contrib-Boolean-Logic-Ultimate etc… for Node-Red.
If you have questions/issues/requests about my nodes, please contact me on gitHub Supergiovane (Supergiovane) · GitHub, because i’m not always on this NodeRed forum.
I saw now, that someone has asked me something; i’m sorry, i haven’t seen your messages until now!
Sorry for that!


Dear Supergiovane!
Unfortunately there seems to be no more possibility to contact you on Github.

So I try here anyway:
Is it possible to hand over a desired file name for the output file?
I am asking because currently the spoken text is too long to be used as file name. therefore I keep getting "file name too long" errors.

Thanks a lot!

@bs-eng Click on the link he posted then click on the repository of the node you are using.

Once there, click on the issues tab and then click on the green 'New Issue' button to open an issue and communicate with him.

Thx Zeno!
That is also what I found on google. However for the life of me I cannot find any "issue" tab or "new issue" button - even though I am logged in at github.
Could you help me out there?

Which repository are you using?

Also (or maybe the same question) which node are you using from Supergiovane (Supergiovane) · GitHub?

I notice that the tts node does not have issues enabled, but the others (or some of them) do, so it may be that he has accidentally disabled issues.

Yes, I use his TTS-node. And indeed it seems like issues are disabled for that one.
I will try my luck on another repo and hope moves the issue to the correct repo.

When you have an issue with a node, please provide the full name of the node like node-red-contrib-bool-gate or node-red-node-ui-microphone.

That will save the time of the people you hope will help you.

The node name is: node-red-contrib-tts-ultimate

It got solved by a node update as this issue has been addressed already by a recent update of the node.

Is it possible to use the Amazon Polly NEURAL voices for the TTS? Currently the neural voices are not included in the selection list.
Additional Information:
Upgrade your Amazon Polly voices to neural with one line of code | AWS Machine Learning Blog

Hi all
i'm currently full committed on node-red-contrib-knx-ultimate to add knx secure, so i'm very slow to answer questions. Sorry!

Neural Engine will be supported in the upcoming version. Look tomorrow in the palette.

works like a charm!

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