How to contact node developer


If a node has an issue. How can I find the node developer and contact the person.
In my case not always a Modbus node works well.


If you look for the Node in the Flows page and search the node you are using, you should see something like this...

This shows the links to the original pages created by the Developer. Usually a link to the Github page and you should be able to create an issue there.

(Or at least, that is the way I understand it.)

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If it is one of the common nodes (such as the contrib modbus node) it may be worth asking here first.

Yes I am using node-red-contrib-modbus node.

The problem is weird, I am pushing true with inject node to activate the relay and false to deactivate.
Sometimes one push is not enough to activate/ deactivate and need to push once more.

My usecase is that when a robot is in front of a door, he sends an open signal and after he exit another signal to close the door. due to this issue robot gets stuck on door ways.

Basically the signal is being send from AGV's to moxa IO box. The alternate is solution is to use rest api instead of modbus.

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