How to properly use node-red-contrib-modbus

I have been using node-red-contrib-modbus for quite some time on my PV system to do some "external management". The fact it that it never ran as I expected to do. I'll admit that I'm negated at modbus.

I need to get quite amount of data at the same time, so I can do operations between them at make adjustments to the excess loads or change PV parameters on realtime.
Most of those measurements come from a local modbus server, as the PV management device runs node-red :man_dancing:t2:
But the registers have "gaps" (reserved registers) in between, and the device doesn't like to be queried across them, so I have to use many modbus-getter nodes.
Then I have to query two meters of the same brand on a modbus server (PW21) and just recently one more on the same server but of different brand.

Before that last meter, I noticed some hiccups on the meters readings, but today I realized that the queries where not going to the nodes setup Id, but the default one on the servers configuration node. Tried everything, leaving id blank and zero on the config node, but finally I was forced to create a config node for every device.

This has to have a different way of using it. Could someone tell me what would be the proper way of doing it?

Errors that appear frequently are "Error: Client Not Ready To Read At State reconnecting" & "Modbus Failure On State activated Get More About It By Logging".

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