Hi, We have a Promac CNC machine with a HEIDENHAIN TNC Controls system. I try to implement NR solutions in our production line. Does anybody have experience using node-red to pull data from the Heidendain control system using Ethernet protocol?

Dear Maliheh,

We have performed few tests acording communication with iTNC640 and 530. From my point of view there are 3 options how to achive so:

1. Use tnccmd.exe (this utility is free, official distributed by heidenhein and is part of RemoTools installation package)
After preparation of set of commands via command line, you can automate process using node-RED and its exec or daemon node.

2. Use pyLSV2 (pyLSV2 · PyPI) it is well maintained, but I have no experience with the package. Situation will be the same with the previous point - prepare python routine and automate it using exec or daemon nodes.

3. Use OPC-UA (iTNC640 already support it, but it is paid option I guess). Anyway Node-RED has outstanding implementation of OPC-UA protocol.

Hope it helps


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