Helix ODBC stopped after 2min

We want to read data from .Mdb file using Helix ODBC but it stopped working after 2min

Welcome to the forum @rohitsapate

Please tell us which node you are using, possibly node-red-contrib-???
If you don't remember which node you installed then look in the menu Manage Palette and you will see them listed.

Also tell us which version of node-red you are using (from the menu dropdown), which version of nodejs (use the command node -v), and what hardware/OS you are running on.

What exactly do you mean by 'stopped working'.

NodeRed Version -v3.0.2
@helix_italia/node-red-helix-odbc -0.0.4
Windows 64bit
Hardware- Reading .mdb file through helix odbc drivers.
If possible give us your mail id, will show you our requirement.

It started receiving data based on our query on access db file but after 2 min it stops automatically. with null payload

Probably you would be best to contact the author and ask for help.
Unfortunately the link to its github repository from @helix_italia/node-red-helix-odbc - npm is broken. However, if you look at the file package.json in the node's directory in your .node_red/node_modules folder (where it has been installed to) you will see an email address for the node of info@helix.it, so you could try asking for help there.

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