Node-Red don't open anymore

Anyone knows what the problem?

I need a bit more information... what platform are you running on, what version of node-js, what version of node-red?
One of the errors showing repeatedly is about an mqtt broker on the same machine, did you ensure it is up and running?
The error it appears to be crashing on deals with node-red-contrib-mdashboard, which version is this?

I'm running on PC localhost.(windows)
Node.js version 10.16.3

I followed this tutorial this week to install.
It was running well and stoped work during this morning.

You have also installed the node-red-contrib-mdashboard node, have you also installed the node-red-dashboard as well?

If you have they are conflicting with each other. Try uninstalling one ( I'd suggest mdashboard) and restarting Node-RED

It’s also warning about connectivity issue with a PLC, as well as a mysql database. While they didn’t cause the crash, might be worth looking into those as well

I erased mdashboard from nodered folder and already works.
Thanks :smiley:

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