Hello, I need to connect with SVS Vistek exo264CGE camera and perform image acquisition

Hello everyone,

I have the SVS Vistek exo264CGE camera, and I want to connect it for image acquisition. How can I do this?
I want to send a command to capture an image, retrieve that image, and save it to my desktop to perform other tasks on it .

The camera is connected via TCP/IP

You will have to find the API for the camera to see how you can access it remotely. You should contact the manufacturer.

There may be other ways but at a quick glance, I see they have a windows SDK available so 1 option would be to create an c# or c++ application that imports their SDK and automates image capture via MQTT.

e.g, your custom c#/c++ application could utilise MQTT to subscribe to "camera//command" and given a payload of { "action": "capture", "width": 640", "height": 480 } it would perform the commanded action and publish back to "camera//image". Then you could use file nodes to save the data to file (or skip file saving and just process the binary buffer in memory).

If you know of any specific protocols it supports, let us know and we may be able to help further.