Help! Dashboard Connection Lost issues using datapilicity port forwarding (node-red + nginx)


Why my Dashboard is not real-time and have latency issues using datapilicity port forwarding, how can I handle this? My internet speed is up to 100 mbps. Also my node-red app works with "Connection Lost" notifications in LocalHost !!, and also having delays with datapilicity port forwarding link.

My node-red app connected to datapilicity by nginix and my dashboard notifies "Connection Lost" in short intervals continously! I also purchased standard subscription of datapilicity.

Help me please


Is nginx configured to proxy websockets as well as http?

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Yes, seems the problem in node-red ui works with "Connection Lost" notifications in LocalHost !! my problem exist in LocalHost also

Many possible reasons for connection instability.
To make things easier for us, it takes to know what do you have on your dashboard.
Also what equipment do you use to see the dashboard? Device, browser ..

my dash consists of 4 charts connected to sqlite and one multiple graph charts injected in 1 minuets intervals,

I not used sensors and browsers, I pumped python data to ui dash

Be aware that you have limited amount of posts you can make at first day here in forum.

Charts are widgets with very high memory consumption. The chart node does not optimize the data. If there is too much of data to handle it may freely end with browser crash. The connection lost is first indicator of such limits are close.

There is many threads here talking about charts and slow dashboard. And many solutions also advised. Take a time to search and read them.

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