Help - Docker - Can't connect to MQTT

New to Docker and need some help.
I have a PUBLIC mqtt server that I know works as I have numerous devices connected to it.

I just created a docker container following the setup instructions in this fourm/site.

I add in a MQTT In, setup the server (enter my public IP and port), use the # wildcard to read all topics and the node just sits there saying connecting.

On my Public system, I can sit on the firewall and see my public IP coming in and the firewall moving the traffic to my broker.

What have I done wrong?

Public Broker is a linux machine behind a firewall that I know works.

My docker image is running on a virtual computer hosted on my laptop.


Have you maybe set the # at the start of the topic and there are thousands of topics on the server?

Thanks for the reply.
I know that is not the issue as I have other Linux servers with Node-Red installed directly on it and they don't have an issue. It is something to do with the docker not getting the data back.
I can see from the firewall and the server running MQTT that a connection is being seen.

I am thinking it is a networking thing with Docker in that the packets are just not getting back in. But I am at a loss when it comes to Dockers.

Do You have TLS connection enable?
If Yes then watch this (min 20):

Make sure all you'r MQTT client settings are correct.
I dont think the docker networking it's the problem, it's the client.
If you haven't got TLS on that broker then i will recommend to do it ASAP!

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