Help installing .deb file on windows(10) laptop

I have node red installed on my laptop and I use Powershell to start my node-red.
I also installed "Scoop" because of trying to use the "sudo" command.

But I can't figure out what about this error , I'm trying to install a .deb file using this command line.
sudo dpkg -i libwidgetlords_2.1.1_arm64.deb
and it tells me dpkg can't be found.
I tried this also sudo apt-get update and it tells me apt can't be found.

Can someone maybe point me , I've read the ineternet till I am blue in the face.

Sudo, apt-get, dpkg and .deb files all belong to a different Operating System, not Windows. They belong to the Debian Linux OS.

You CANNOT install a deb file into Windows.

What you CAN do, is to enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on your Windows PC. That lets you install a version of Debian Linux. Then you can get to a command line inside the WSL Debian shell and do Linuxy things there.

But even then I doubt whether you want to install an Arm processor file.

Ok, Now to make sure I understand.
I actually have the needed file installed on my Raspberry Pi and everything is working.

I was just going to install on my windows laptop and make a copy of my Node Red Flow, but I won't be able to do this.

Is this correct?

Indeed. That library looks like it is to do with Pi IO ports etc so is unlikely to work on a PC anyway - You may be able to install the node without that so they show up - but they may not - depends how he node was written. Even if they show up (so you can edit the flow) - then they would not run.

Thanks for the information, and yes it does indeed add I/O to the Raspberry Pi with an "Add-On" board.
I'm still trying to learn all about Node Red and the Raspberry Pi.

Thanks again

They are not only two completely different and largely incompatible operating systems. But the processor architectures are also completely different. So no, you cannot install an executable for a Pi on a Windows PC (there are versions of Windows that will run on similar processor architectures to a Pi but honestly, that's not going to help either.

Then, as Dave say's, if you are installing something that is designed to work with the Pi hardware, PC hardware is completely different as well, not just the processor but most other things - certainly I'm not aware of any standard PC's that have GPIO ports built in for example.

For the sake of completeness, probably also worth saying that Node.js which is the application platform that underpins Node-RED DOES have versions for different operating systems and processor types. That is how/why you can run Node-RED itself on both. But even so, you will find that some of the packages that provide nodes rely on hardware-specific code and they have to be recompiled at install time. You may see that happening with nodes that support serial connections for example. But those are typically only created where the same high-level hardware capabilities exist across platforms - e.g. Serial, USB, Keyboards, Mice, etc. GPIO, on the other hand is a low-level hardware capability and will be different on different hardware platforms.

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