How to install NodeRed with a zip file

  1. We have a special image of Raspbian, with all prerequisites (e.g. apache2, mariadb, php73, node.js etc. pp.)
  2. We have an installier file (.deb) which can be used with APT or download directly with "wget" then install with "dpkg -i ./INSTALLER_FILE.deb´

NOW: We need to integrate the NodeRed application into the .deb package (as same as HA-Bridge, FHEM, and so on)

So: What is the most simple way to do that? Thank you very much for your feedbacks.

We do have a script to help build a deb for Pi install - linux-installers/pibuild at master · node-red/linux-installers · GitHub but it just uses a raw install using the debian node version etc. (which is often well behind with patches etc) but I guess you could modify it to help you build a deb of a preconfigured Node-RED install if you wished.

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