Otdm - deb to do Node-red?

I'm experimenting with a idea of making more automation in processes of installing flows. There is couple of topic on forum. But this is something differnt?

otdm - oiyshTerminal deb Manager

deb as a standard is a known thing. If you have simple flow it's yyy easy to make some script to make some injections to instance.
but if you need dependency's to your flow example python, opencv, not only npm stuff .... why not use something tested?
deb is used for years. by adding one word. you will ask to install on system what you need.

from beginning if you have a system on this thinking process you have a one command:
$ apt install myTurboFlowExample
and if you don't have Node-red it will install it also nodejs if it's not coming as a p rebuild to your distro.

with that in mined

Will that work on Windows or rpm based distributions?

So presumably, you also will need a deb builder so that people can package up Node-RED, required nodes, settings, startup, flow and other files? I would have no idea how to build a deb file.

Also, will you propose to install Node-RED globally or locally? Or give a choice?

@Colin - theoretically why not by changing in concept deb to rpm. About Windows I don't know.

@TotallyInformation - yes with the preparation. If it's a complex flow you need helpers. And it's that. Globally. dpkg is a system operation not users.

I think that was a rhetorical question by Colin. Windows does not use deb/rpm.

Update on the topic. I'm pushing hard.
I went thru clean deb option. Then with otdm-tools as a set of bash helpers. Now I'm on a 0.10 version :stuck_out_tongue: it's in python now.
I know it's not so in the forum subject. It's python and in update I'm showing action in grafana not Note-red but it's on topic soon...

Continuation of previews post there is some progress DONE.

What a odd place to think about looking for solutions for grafana in apt
repository. But look...

In this video you can see full process:

  • building otdmMake.sh [project]
  • it's getting predefined information from designing grafana instance
  • updating data in project directory.
  • executing otdm tasker
  • executing dpkg building sequence.
  • putting ready .deb file to repository directory
  • updates directory of repository for apt

then you can see a installation process :slight_smile:
$ apt install otdm-grafana-ds-mysql

All mechanisms in this task are start. dpkg in checkin dependencies and solving them. pre post install do the magic.

And it's... in grafana

$ apt remove otdm-grafana-ds-mysql

removes all it needs. Datasource is not there.

it's one small step now to do same thing with flows :slight_smile:

Not really, that is the standard package manager used by a large swath of Linux OS's.

But you got that with otdm I'm aiming to be able to deploy something from IoT system on Node-red, Grafana, bash, ... 3 clicks and have .deb

Now it's one command to get update src's and deploy to update repo.
3 clicks later, soon :stuck_out_tongue: