Otdm for [ ubuntu | android ] first run

It's time when you need to help me. I need your feed back about: How it's to try it from out site. Is the installation for you went well. Stuff like that.
I have to paths:

Those are the manuals how to get otdm-yss running on your setup. yss Is a web interface. Now you will get only test functions page and screens manager to play with your remotes displays. I'm working on releasing more .deb's :slight_smile:

Full description about idea is at main readme.md.

You have android device. You need to have running Node-red on something. You can set up Node-RED running in 1 line. (This command is for Termux)
$ curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal/main/installer/run2.sh > ./run2.sh; . ./run2.sh
And you will have it running no time...

More packages is coming . ..

Just a small tip: If you want people to help, perhaps you should explain what they will be "signing up" for.
ie. Explain what otdm/otdm-yss is.

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:slight_smile: nice Tip!

otdm - is a family of .deb files in oiyshTerminal system I call it OiyshTerminalDebianManager (otdm)
otdm-yss - is a yss in otdm family. It's provading...
What is otdm/otdm-yss - it's a .deb base package system. For using / developing / deploying IoT sets. -yss it self is a web base framework similar to ui from node-red but more flexible and with more futures / less restrictions.
So after installation steps you will have basic setup of a otdm family with.

Check tree dependencys: oiyshTerminal/otdm_dependencies_0.2.png at main · yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal · GitHub
Green frames - I think it's done
Different frame color - in progress

Goal is to have .deb base system to bundle. All set of things in one nice package.
So if you have in system future: flow, bash, service. You can use .deb / control files to build your package. With otdm-tools it's not so scary :slight_smile:

I'm working on a "repository manager" it will be call'd otdm-yss-otdm. Web base interface to manage / access dpkg system. I'm aiming that you will be able to install things from web browres / otdm-yss.
So no mater how complex is your future I think .deb can handle the installation. And then you will be able to share your creation with others! Dependencies are handle by dpkg you need to do only what you need to do.

Soon I will start to add more .deb's with new functions / futures. It would be nice to get some feedback from you guys!

Ok but explain more about the use-case.
Why would one want to install this "family of .deb files" ? What is it bringing to the table vs a native debian with packages ?

:slight_smile: bakman2 THX for fallow up questions.

Draft of manual on subject is at: oiyshTerminal/README.md at main · yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal · GitHub

I'm aiming to create a otdm-* family of .deb's files. Target is to be able to use build in package system (dpkg / .deb) on debian base system. To handle all operation needed around subject of Iot / automation / futures.
By selecting one or many packages form otdm- you don't need to do any configuration, importing flows, injecting querys to sql. All is coming in the bundle of .deb.
For now there is only couple of packages in repository. This is only a beginning.

So in example. You have ubuntu and you don't know a lot or don't want to write all things around your idea from zero. This is a place where you can use otdm-yss. It will give you fast way to make HMI or any thing you need (to make the job)

So it's eliminating a need of manual editing files and making some tasks in filesystem in the process of setting it up.
otdm- .deb's will have additional descriptions. And it will be possible to find package with a inputs / outputs you have in your system. So It will propose you a packages to your setup (if you select filtration on InOutPuts)

Sorry I am still lost. "I'm aiming to create a otdm-" what is otdm ?

Imagine that you are in shark-tank: What is the 3 minute sales-pitch ?

Nice !
First of all and this one is important for me "it's not a product! I'm not selling anything !"
otdm- is a debian package base system for IoT (but oiyshTerminal way) you don't need internet and any accounts. You have all the things around IoT locally on your device after installation. No IDEs, no special apps. With one line installation. No editing. No patching.
All dependencies are handle by your system package manager.

How does this relate to Node-RED?

God question.
Node-RED is one of element in my big puzzle.
otdm can be use by any one who want to use it. So by doing it you can have easy way to deploy your project if it's in otdm- family.
So if yo find or build package to otdm it will help you with all installation / configuration process. If package in it is setup correctly it will pull from package system all dependencies. So if you select a package with a relation to Node-red (flows) it will install it for you. No need of importing exporting flows only.
apt install otdm-packackageOfInterest

Also it's super easy way to get Node-red running on any debian / termux / android base system.

So do you have a step by step example - using Node-RED - that someone could follow and get something running? I ask because nothing you have said so far, makes it clear to me what use it would be to someone running Node-RED.

IoT = INTERNET of things...I don't understand and don't see the connection.

Correct me where i'm wrong, in short: "otdm" is a package system to prepare a system for offline use ?

For Node-RED user oiyshTerminal as all and section as otdm- is handy in moments if you are starting your journey with it. If system what you are using is ubuntu it will help you with setting up Node-RED, before that npm, before that nodejs, before that ..... Depend on your distribution not all of them are coming with node-red as a system package. otdm-node-red-installer will come handy.
For someone ho know what he is doing. Fast way to set up what you need on any device with one or two lines. Bigger things working currently:
otdm-node-red-installer, otdm-db-init (it will install, init, mariadb for you), otdm-mqtt-installer, otdm-cmqtt2mysql - super fast bridge mqtt -> mysql, otdm-yss

working on simple examples:
full hour bell, audio-onhost, full hour bell in binary,.....

package system to automatize: redistribution, branching, publishing

Sure your right. How it's now it don't have that functionality out of the box.
But. Look what it is making. In times of rpi for >100$ phone is a nice platform to use. Is int it?
This is allowing you to do it easy.

It's coming in .debs will came soon with not only flows for doing back end in IoT but it will be possible to flash device from a web interface. Adding plugins by playing with otdm-yss-otdm ( manual in progress..) this will be a web gui interface for ala "store"

I'm sure much of the misunderstanding involves language so let me ask you this: do you have a step-by-step guide of how I would use this to install node-red on a Raspberry Pi model 3 that has the September 22, 2022 Raspberry Pi OS Lite (Legacy) system installed and flow that uses the sqlite node, Matt, a ds18b20 temperature sensor and the node-red dashboard.

Seeing the actual steps involved might make this clearer in my mind.

It's possible to make a test of running it on Raspberry Pi OS Lite if it's as debian based. I don't have Raspberry Pi on hand to make a test but if you don't have any fragile data on it give it a try. If you will stop somewhere let me know I will try to expand otdm- support for rasperry pi OS Lite But you need to give me the feedback how it's behaving on raspberry Pi.
It will be more like ubuntu installation so manual for ubuntu is for you.

This is the problem, I have no idea of how to even start and haven't seen a step by step explanation.

I guess this is not something up my alley so I'm dropping out of this thread. Good luck with it.

In first post of this thread there you have two links.
One of them is good for you.
this is a step by step: oiyshTerminal/otdm-ubuntu-vanilla-install.md at main · yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal · GitHub

So would we liken what you are trying to do as a cross between a linux package manager and docker ?

i.e. a couple of commands will install a totally packaged NR for me with all its dependencies and a standardised set of palette nodes that i choose ?


yy yes.
bud docker have limits / big
otdm uses system packages.

New otdm family list added to wiki: otdm nrf ot test · yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal Wiki · GitHub

More updates!
More simple explanation How to start...
Working on documentation section
How to build your site link..