Yss - 0.1 (Node-red edition) - Dashboard not Node-red

I will like to share with you one of my first releases of yss ver 0.1
Now chisel out from oiyshTerminal monstrosity it's free !
yss is something in a category of dashboard-ui but .svg, 3d object (.glb) and pure .html panels.

It will be a framework to have menu, Screens Manager, semi shaders to invert colors or night red-black.

Lot of examples :slight_smile:

You have data in node-red. Push them to link in node "ws_yss" and you will get msg in javascript in yss.

Have in mined it's ongoing project.

  1. Import flow from this repository:
    oiyshTerminal/nodeRedFlow_ySS at main · yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal · GitHub

You will find there json files of flow to import. For now there is only 0.1.json

It will give you masso menos

  1. Download yss directory with js files and all that goodnes.
    oiyshTerminal/yss_2301081638_nodered_release_0.1.zip at main · yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal · GitHub

in main directory of oiyshTerminal repository.
3. Extract zip file on your machine where you have Node-red running.
4. In folder you will find index.html remember where it is! (path)
5. In Node-red in flow edit node "Main engine"
In it you will find

// path to your index.html directory ! from step 4
var bPath = "/home/yoyo/Apps/oiyshTerminal/ySS_calibration/";
// set ip address (only ip address) of your instance 
msg.yssWSUrl = "ws://";

msg.yssPages = [
      "oName": "s_calibrationPage",
      "o": null,
      "jssrc":["s_calibration.js", "s_calibrationPage.js"]
      "oName": "s_ilooNavPage",
      "o": null,
      "jssrc":["s_ilooNav.js", "s_ilooNavPage.js"]
      "oName": "s_basicSailPage",
      "o": null,
      "jssrc":["s_basicSailPage.js", "s_basicSail.js"]
      "oName": "s_apV3SvgPage",
      "o": null,
      "jssrc":["s_apV3Svg.js", "s_apV3SvgPage.js"]


at http://yourIpAdress:1880/yss you will have

ScreenManager You can see it in action in:

It's a part of a oiyshTerminal project.
More about it at: GitHub - yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal: off-line iot collection

Let the power of Node-red be with you !
Looking forward for your feedback!

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More my style test dashboard.
Update on repository.

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Update in Readme section on repository :slight_smile: It was a loooong one :stuck_out_tongue: I still don't see light in the end of the tunel.

Moving towards modular pages.... More about it at oiyshTerminal/ySS_calibration at main · yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal · GitHub

And let me know what you think about it !?

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