Node-RED install scripts for Linux

As part of the Node-RED 1.0 release we have expanded our Linux install scripts to include RPM based distros like RedHat, Fedora and Centos. We have moved the scripts to a new github project called Linux Installers.

Of course the Debian based installer for Raspbian, Ubuntu, et al is there as well. This means that from now on we will be updating docs to point links to this new location, and that users should use this in preference. The old Raspbian focussed project will remain there to catch any "old" links that point to it - and the script should continue to work but will add a banner suggesting users start using the newer script.

Naturally we would be happy to look at pull requests to expand this to other Linux flavours if anyone is feeling generous.

As with all web based scripts we would advise users to have a look at the script to satisfy themselves we would do no harm in their environment.


I'm confused as to why there seems to be 2 ways of installing Node-RED on a Pi - the Raspbian script and the pibuild stuff

The pibuild stuff is not for end users - it's all the scripts we use to build the deb package that gets put in the raspbian repositories. I suspect the README could make that a bit clearer.

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Well there is a readme in the pibuild section -