Help needed. USB device into siemens iot 2040 out to serial port

Hi Guys,

I am new to this iot envoirment.. I am trying to take a usb card reader into a siemens Iot 2040 and transmit the data to the serial port.
Issue 1.
Is that i cant see a usb node in node red. i have tried to install using palette manager and through cmd. But no joy it goes through the process but when i refresh the node red page it is not there.
Issue 2.
When i have this usb socket installed will i need to install a usb driver to the iot or will it just read the data and i can just send it out on the serial port??

Any info will be much appreciated.
Many Thanks

Before you try to get it going with node-red are you able to see the card using the normal capabilities of the 2040? I see it is linux based so presumably you can ssh into it or something similar and should be able to see the usb device from there. Once that is working then try to get it going with node-red.
If that is already working then how does the usb device appear? As a mounted drive or what?

This is truely meant to be helpful, though it may be construed otherwise:

Speaking as someone who has owned and used an IoT2040:

Step 1. Get rid of the Siemens IoT2040 and find another embedded computer.

The IoT2040 is:

  1. Slow (low clock speed and DMIPS)
  2. Has a flawed processor (Intel Quark) that requires special compilation of almost everything
  3. Uses Yocto Linux
  4. Inconsistent documentation from Siemens -- you will find that the serial ports were assigned different filenames in different documents

You will have a better time buying an ARM-based embedded computer loaded with Debian, trust me.

To echo what Colin has said, have you set up the USB card reader first? The serial ports are preconfigured on Siemens' Linux image but your card reader will not be.