!HELP! node-red-contrib-raumfeld !HELP!

Hi all,

is there anyone who wants to present me a simple flow to control my Teufel ONE M Wi-Fi speaker using Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi 2b?

Unfortunately I cannot find any examples, usable for me, in this forum or elsewhere where node-red-contrib-raumfeld is used. And currently I do not have enough time to read all the hints hidden in any forums...

What I want to do with this flow is:

  • Switch On/Off or at least Mute/Unmute the speaker using an Node-Red dashboard
  • Select on of the 3 Station Buttons using the same dashboard

That's all!

Kind regards

Have looked to see if there is an example flow ?

Click on the burger icon and select import, then click on examples and look for node-red-contrib-raumfeld.

@smcgann99 Good hint, thank you! I did not know this function. But for node-red-contrib-raumfeld there are no examples.

I take it that the node has already been installed ?

If so and there is no example, then I would contact the author and ask for the example flow shown on the nodes page.

Yes it is installed...
And yes, there is an e-mail address on github. May be I will try to do this...

Thank you.

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