Help with bringing variables to dashboard for Blinking example

Hi all I new to node-red and I trying to toggle the output on my rpi.

I found the dsm node and the Blinking example which does everything I want, and here's the but, I'd like to bring the the variables to the dashboard so the user can change the "on_time" and off_time". I'm not sure how to do this or if it's possible, any help would be appreciate. Tks

"data": {
"on": 1,
"off": 0,
"on_time": 1000,
"off_time": 1000,
"blinks": 3,
"count": 0

[{"id":"93729166.52a7e","type":"debug","z":"6ff0723.8c6b78c","name":"","active":true,"tosidebar":true,"console":false,"tostatus":false,"complete":"false","x":430,"y":900,"wires":[]},{"id":"e1a5ebe3.6c6df8","type":"inject","z":"6ff0723.8c6b78c","name":"","topic":"start","payload":"","payloadType":"str","repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"onceDelay":0.1,"x":110,"y":880,"wires":[["ee084f39.d0118"]]},{"id":"ee084f39.d0118","type":"dsm","z":"6ff0723.8c6b78c","name":"blinking","sm_config":"{\n    \"currentState\": \"idle\",\n    \"states\": {\n        \"idle\": {\n            \"start\": \"on\",\n            \"stop\": \"idle\"\n        },\n        \"on\": {\n            \"turn_off\": \"off\",\n            \"stop\": \"idle\"\n        },\n        \"off\": {\n            \"turn_on\": \"on\",\n            \"stop\": \"idle\"\n    }\n    },\n    \"data\": {\n        \"on\": 1,\n        \"off\": 0,\n        \"on_time\": 1000,\n        \"off_time\": 1000,\n        \"blinks\": 3,\n        \"count\": 0\n    },\n    \"methods\": {\n        \"init\": [\n            \"sm.schedule = function(tran, delay, msg) {\",\n            \" = setTimeout(function() {\",\n            \"       resume(tran, msg)\",\n            \"   },delay);\",\n            \"};\",\n            \"sta.fill = 'grey';\"\n        ],\n        \"onBeforeTransition\": [\n            \"if (!msg.topic) msg.topic = 'start';\",\n            \"if (msg.blinks) = msg.blinks;\",\n            \"if (msg.on_time) = msg.on_time;\",\n            \"if (msg.off_time) = msg.off_time;\"\n        ],\n        \"start\": [\n            \" =;\",\n            \"resume('turn_on', msg);\",\n            \"output = false;\"\n        ],\n        \"turn_on\": [\n            \"if ( {\",\n            \"   sm.schedule('turn_off',, msg);\",\n            \"   if( !== 'continuing');\",\n            \"   sm.fill = 'yellow';\",\n            \"   msg.payload =;\",\n            \"   output = true;\",\n            \"} else {\",\n            \"   sm.currentState = 'idle';\",\n            \"   sm.fill = 'grey';\",\n            \"   output = false;\",\n            \"}\"\n        ],\n        \"turn_off\": [\n            \"sm.schedule('turn_on',, msg);\",\n            \"sm.fill = 'blue';\",\n            \"msg.payload =;\"\n        ],\n        \"stop\": [\n            \"clearTimeout(;\",\n            \"sm.fill = 'grey';\",\n            \"msg.payload =;\"\n        ],\n        \"status\": {\n            \"fill\": {\n                \"get\": \"sm.fill;\"\n            },\n            \"shape\": \"dot\",\n            \"text\": {\n                \"get\": \"sm.currentState;\"\n            }\n        }\n    }\n}","x":270,"y":900,"wires":[["93729166.52a7e"]]},{"id":"1ccae227.b1b73e","type":"inject","z":"6ff0723.8c6b78c","name":"","topic":"stop","payload":"","payloadType":"str","repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"onceDelay":0.1,"x":110,"y":920,"wires":[["ee084f39.d0118"]]}]