Help with deconstrucing a message

I found the original problem which was stopping me, but there are still things I am not getting.

This is the message received which I want to dissect.


The only thing which will change is the condition and UpLink values.

So, I was trying to switch the message.
on: msg.payload.UpLink
It wasn't working.
So I tried msg.Uplink. Same.

So at a stretch I tried msg.condition. Also failed.

I opened a debug window and changed the msg.payload to msg.condition.

Got this:

(Nice I can't copy that. Clicking on the clipboard icon and it says "value coppied" when I paste I got my previous stuff re-pasted.)

Anyway. . . . .

So what's going on?

Putting aside the problems with the switch node - I found/fixed the problem.
Why can't I put msg.condition in the debug node and see the value?

While here, about the message structure.


(I hope)
When I am making message (from my post on subflows) I was shown how to make messages.

It was like this:

msg = {
    payload: "blah",
    other_stuff:"and so on"

(Text formatting gone wonky)
Else where I remember the names having  ' around them.
Somewhere else it was not the single ' but the `""` ones.
(Second one needed to stop the quote thing happening.)

And the paste above has the names in `""` 

Which is right?
What conditions need which - if any?

Whats wrong with this flow? Try it


I have the debug node set with msg.condition as the thing to display.

The message arrives and I see the error I showed in the picture.

That is what's wrong.

It doesn't show me Online.



Works here.

If there is no msg.condition in the message it will tell you by undefined, are you sending more/different payloads?

Not that I know.


I'll chalk it up to the unknown.