Help with flow not working

Im new to Home assistant and Node red. I really like node red. But i need a little help.
I have Home Assistant running on a computer with Debian (with only SSH and no GUI cause i dont need it).
Then i have the Philips HUE bridge connected to the switch.
I dont have any Zigbee usb stick in the computer.i use.

I have 2 IKEA Trådfri GU10 multicolor lights i want some help with to make an automation.
During the sunset i want them to turn on. one of them to 100%. Then when the clock go to 23:00 i want them to go to another color (red) and about 5% brightness, and turn them off at sunrise.
I have got them to work as 2 diffrent automations, but not both automation. So i need to manually turn on one of the automations.

Then how you can control the IKEA zigbee lights?
There are 2 methods.
(1) You need an IKEA controller.

(2) Or you need a zigee2mqtt dongle.

So the HUE bridge wont work?
I can create them seperate and run either of them. But not to combine those two.

Different companies usually won't allow their products compatible to each other.
So adopting zigee2mqtt can break the barrier.

What i understand is that i can get a USB dongle or a network bridge i find on supported adapters, and it may work?

Then i have more questions as well.
I have some Smart Plugs from TP-Link that are running on WI-FI. Then one Smartplug from HUE (Zigbee). What is recommended. A dongle to USB on my HA server (running on Debian 11) or a "bridge" connected to the network switch?

Will one of those work with HUE "entertainment area" as well?

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