Help with how to upload subflows to *the library*

I am reading the stuff written on the page/s but it isn't making sense to me.

I am wanting to upload a subflow, but the closest I can find is a NODE - fair enough in some ways.
But then it is talking about the directory structure...... Um, sorry. I'm confused.

If someone doesn't mind explaining this to the village idiot, I'd appreciate it.

What pages?

If you mean the Flow Library, then what your looking for is the option to add a flow.

That lets you upload a flow JSON, which can include your subflow.

How to upload a node

(I seem to now think I have taken the wrong option one step back)

I'll check the "add a flow" and see if I can understand that better.


Ok. The flow option is better.

Am doing it that way.


(If I want to include an example flow for the subflow....)

I can't work out how to include that.
As I am supposedly uploading a flow, adding an example is not allowed.

Why not just upload your example flow, with the subflow, as a single flow?

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Because to me, that isn't legal / allowed.

(I've uploaded the subflow now anyway.)
Let's see how much flack I get from it. (Thinking good thoughts.)

Are you trying to upload a subflow as a flow, or do you want to package a subflow as a node that can be uploaded to npm so you can install/update it through the pallet manager?

It's up there....


(Now I'm building anti-flack walls) :wink:

I hardly ever do that so I really messed it up.
As you read from what I was originally doing.
Nic suggested uploading it in the flow section and so I did.

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