Possible to have subflow in palette with empty/new flowfile?

We are building an application using Node-RED and have already created a few of our own nodes. I am now in the process of connecting a REST interface as input. For now I have done this with the http request node, the xml node and the function node as a subflow, which works fine.

But is it possible to have this subflow in the palette on startup, if the user starts with a new/empty flowfile?

We would like to have all nodes available to the user in the palette on startup, so we do not need to tell the user "all nodes are in the palette on the left, but for the REST interface you have to go to Menu > Import > Library > ...".

Hi @cdlans

no, the subflow is defined in the flow file so there is no way to have it in the palette if the flow file is blank.

We do want to get to the point where subflows can be 'installed' as regular nodes using npm - but we aren't there yet.


This is exactly the functionality I was looking for. Thanks for letting me know it is not possible yet. Keep up the good work!