Help with NodeRED and GCloud

Hello NodeRED Forum:

I am new with nodeRED and I am trying to use it with GCloud but I am getting this message. Is there anyone who can help me with Docker containers? Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @WilliamSixta, welcome to this forum.:grinning:
The message refers to the way you are deployed you run docker.
Depending how, there is a risk to lost data if container stop. To solve that is recommended ser volumes when run or deploy you node-red container. :+1:

Hello @henrycosta05 thank you for your reply. Could you help me on how to set volumes to my container when I create it?.


Hi @WilliamSixta,
Of course I will

Below documentation you will find the instructions to run your node-red container properly, the parameter -v (means volume) you can specify the name of volume that will persist node-red data in host, even if container dies.

Hi @henrycosta05

I do appreciate your help. I will read the documentation.

Thanks again!

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