Make a documentation suggestion?

Where is the right place to suggest a documentation change? Just beginning using node-red, but really liking what I have seen so far.

I was using the node-red docs to install in docker:

In that documentation there is a note about using chown to change the ownership of the filesystem where the /data is mounted because errors. I was running into those errors. The proposed method works, but there is another way:

sudo docker volume create noderedvol
sudo docker run -d -p 1880:1880 --name="mynodered" --mount src=noderedvol,dst=/data nodered/node-red

Those commands create a docker volume and use that as the mount point for the /data folder which seems to work just as well as the chown method but probably better practice.


I would start here.

Once you have a volume, could you explain how you can access the files (ie. get a backup of your flows.json/settings.js) ?

Volumes are usually used to share data between containers (not applicable).

I suspect you are overcomplicating things and you will find out down the road.

@jbob762 - I think that approach is documented here -
alongside the alternative bind-mount.
As with all things docker there are many possible options so I hope we have covered most of the important ones, but happy to have suggestions for improvement.

@bakman2 - if the container is running you can use docker cp from the host to access into the data volume - eg to read the /data dir (which is where the flows etc are mounted internally from a container named mynodered

docker cp mynodered:/data /your/host/path/of/choice

Do not use the wiki to make suggestions. The wiki is a working space for the project, not somewhere for discussion or proposals to be started.

Posting a thread to this forum is a great place to make a suggestion that can be discussed and then move to a Pull Request against the docs if necessary. Please just ensure the title of the thread reflects the topic you want to discuss.

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Well there it is! Thanks for pointing it out. Was trying to follow the instructions from top to bottom. Maybe put the volumes first? Using the bind mount, encountering errors, finding the note about chown was a little troublesome but you are welcome to consider the source. I am very new to docker (and NR) and still on the steep part of the learning curve. Actually stumbled on the volumes through the docker docs and it worked well out of the box.


Volumes for node-red are overkill.

Easiest is to map a local directory to the container dir

Eg: -v /localdir:/data